How to Pack Your Villa Belongings for a Move?

How to Pack Your Villa Belongings for a Move?

Moving is a stressful process whether you have to move within a city or outside the country. This process asks you to cover different things. Start from packing and end up moving to the new home. You also need to check whether each item has been moved to the new home. All the steps of the moving process are quite challenging for you to complete.

Looking for help to make your moving process easier? THEMOVEIT is the best and most reliable company with many years of experience. The experts work for you from packing to the unloading and unpacking of items.

Moreover, they have different types of right materials to pack your items after wrapping and packing the items in the boxes. They label each box which helps later to know which item is present in which box.

Get packing supplies early:

Commonly people commit the mistake of packing items at the last minute. It causes frustration and feeling to do quickly. Always pack your items as early as possible to have enough time to do everything. Think about which boxes you will require at least two to three months before the move.

Don’t keep packing for the moving day. Protect yourself from a lot of stress and do everything on time. For help, you should call the experts of villa movers in Dubai.

Pack one room at a time:

To make your packing process easier and managed, pack only one room at a time. It means you may focus on each detail and task of the single room. This way, you don’t need to rush here and there to pack all the stuff.


When it comes to kitchen packing, always start with fragile and glass items. Use the bubble wrap to pack each item and place it in the strong box. It is better to label each box. It will help you to find the items later. Ask the villa movers in Dubai to provide assistance and each material to pack.

After packing fragile and glass pieces, pack dishes. For this, you may use crates and boxes. After packing, label each crate individually to avoid any frustration later.

Arrange plates and bowls, and after each plate, place the packing papers. For the packing of cups, nest all the mugs together and fill them with paper.


For the bedroom, start by packing your clothes. Always have big suitcases and storage bins according to the size which suits you best. To pack clothes in the storage bins, keep garbage bags to keep clothes clean. To pack clothes in the suitcases, tie them to protect clothes from crumpling.

Now pack duvets and blankets in the bins and suitcases. But pack the pillows in the garbage bags. To get the right materials and way to pack items, consult the experts of THEMOVEIT.

Living room:

Packing of the living room should start with furniture and electronics. It is always a better idea to disassemble the furniture before packing. Moreover, it will give you ease in furniture packing. To pack electronics, use the original boxes or storage bins. Ask the villa movers in Dubai to pack all the electronics and furniture.

Now pack all the small items, including books, frames and more. For packing books, use small boxes. For the packing of frames, use large boxes.

In the end, focus on the daily use items such as chargers, mugs and remote controls. To pack these items, use small boxes or bags.

Use strong boxes:

Packing fragile items needs much care and focus on avoiding breakage. Use strong boxes to avoid collapsing due to the weight of the things. Moreover, strong boxes protect your items from shifting during the move and avoid damage. THEMOVEIT also help you to pack fragile items to make your packing process easier.

Make a list of everything you pack:

During the packing process, you may forget some things. Maybe you lost your jewellery and keys. Maybe you lost something important for daily use. In that case, list all the items that need packaging. It will save you time and solve all the problems.


Whether it is your first time moving or you have moved many times. You understand all the challenging and necessary steps of the moving process. However, what if you take professional help to complete each step without any hassle?

THEMOVEIT company’s professionals pack and handle all the items carefully. Moreover, they know what to pack in which material and which type of packing the items required.

To make your move smooth and relaxing, the company is always with you. They have skills to earn customer satisfaction. Contact their villa movers in Dubai for better customer services and affordable rates!