How to Choose the Best House Shifting Services?

How to Choose the Best House Shifting Services?

After deciding to relocate to a new place, the major issue is how to handle all tasks. From packing to unpacking items after reaching the new home. All these are the major tasks that need your focus.

It is the time when the moving company helps you. Among many companies in the UAE, it isn’t easy to choose the right house shifting services. You need to find a company with much experience and skills. So always research the company, and check services, ratings and rates. Not only this, you should check whether the company has good customer service. Ask the experts of the company for guidance.

Things to Evaluate While Hiring House Shifting Services

The relocation process involves many tasks. These include:

  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Loading
  • Moving
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Organizing items

Many times, you need to choose a storage unit to store some items. The better solution to handle all the tasks safely without any hassle is to hire a company. Now the question is, what factors help to find the right company? For this, the following factors may help you. Let’s dive into the detail of each factor:

Look for experience:

Almost every company offers moving and packing services. It doesn’t indicate that services are reliable. Not only is it necessary that the company is experienced. So consider the company with many years of experience. It will surely have an efficient team.

Check the certification and licensing of the company. Never choose a company with no license. It is just a scam and will cost you more than the actual cost. Moreover, scam companies are a major threat to your belongings. It is why you must hire THEMOVEIT. The company is famous and legit in the UAE.

Consider your budget:

Relocation to a new place is somehow costly. It is why I always consider the budget while hiring the moving company. Shortlist different companies and compare their prices and services.

Read customer reviews and ratings:

Customer reviews and ratings are the main factors to know about the moving company. Hire the company with many positive reviews and high ratings. THEMOVEIT is the right option, with many reviews and ratings.

Check references:

Besides online reviews, ask the company to provide you with references. However, You may also contact old clients to learn about the company.

Understand their services:

Different companies offer several types of house shifting services. Some companies offer you services from packing to unpacking. While some companies also offer you additional services such as:

  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Storage services
  • Vehicle-providing services and more

So always understand the services you want to take. Moreover,  ask the company to provide you with specific services.

Ask for Recommendations:

References, reviews and recommendations help to find the right company. Discuss with friends and family members about the company. You may ask different questions, such as:

  • Did the company reach your home at the exact time?
  • Also, did your belongings get damaged?
  • Did the company offer you an insurance policy?
  • Also, did the company stick to the real estimate?
  • Did the company ask you to pay additional costs?

Clearly Communicate Your Needs and Expectations:

Before signing a contract, always write your expectations and needs. You may also let the company know what you expect from it. Ask the company to meet your deadlines surely.

Compare Estimates:

Ask the house shifting services providers to give you estimates. Never accept the estimate on the phone call. It may cause a high estimate in the end. Rather than this, ask the company to visit your home. So, the company will give you the right estimate according to your belongings.


Before moving your home, you have to choose the right company, THEMOVEIT. Hopefully, you will never regret your decision to choose this company. So don’t wait and call the experts right now.

If you want to take help from any other company. Make sure to remember all the above-mentioned tips. Enjoy a stress-free move to a new home!