How Do You Pack Furniture for Moving in Professional Way?

How Do You Pack Furniture for Moving in Professional Way?

No doubt, packing the items is the first and most important step in any relocation. It is necessary to pack items professionally. So, when these arrive at the new home, they are in the same condition. Furniture packing means the protection of heavy and valuable items during the move. 

How do you pack furniture for moving? It is a very tricky step that needs much professionalism. However, we don’t have expertise in doing so. Therefore, it is good to hire a packing company. 

A reliable company offers to move along with packing services. The experts have the skills to pack fragile and heavy items. So, never be worried about scratches, dents, and stains on your furniture. THEMOVEIT can take all your worries. 

How do you pack furniture for moving? The best option is to hire a professional company. While in some cases, you don’t want professional help. 

So, you can pack furniture without any guidance. For this, you should read our DOs for more guidance in packing tasks!

DO’S when Packing Furniture for Moving:

How do you pack furniture for moving? When applying the following tips while packing your items. Then it will help you to protect your furniture during the move. So, let’s take a look at all tips to avoid any damage:


First of all, create a list that covers all the furniture pieces. This way, you can determine which furniture you want to take and which you don’t want. Moreover, you can also make an idea of which items you want to gift your family. 


Now, it is time to measure the size of each furniture piece. It is essential to know whether these can be moved through doors and hallways. In case you are unsure, take help from THEMOVEIT. 


Inspect each furniture piece to know if there is any scratch before packing. Then write up the essential details in the list. Through inspection, you can make an idea of the items you need to pack.  


Before packing any furniture piece, it is important to clean it. Remove away all the dust, dirt, and stains from the furniture. For this, you can use a clean cloth or a duster. This way, you can pack cleaned furniture pieces. For more help, hire furniture moving in Dubai. 


Prepare all the materials important for packing the furniture. These may be bubble and shrink wraps, packing papers, tape, cardboard, and much more. THEMOVEIT provides you with all the necessary items. 


Take out all the items present in your furniture to move them easily. Take out the books from the bookrack; remove kitchen items from the cabinets and other items from the drawers. This way, your furniture can be lighter. Take help from furniture movers and packers for an easy process. 


Remove all fragile or glass items from your furniture. These may be doors, shelves, tabletops, showcases, and others. Then pack all these items safely in the proper material. After that, get transport for furniture moving in Dubai. 


Disassemble all the items that are long enough and can’t move from your home opening. Check out the construction manuals for the large items that you want to take with you. 

Suppose you are unable to disassemble your furniture pieces. Then the best option is to take help from THEMOVEIT. The experts of the company disassemble all items safely without any risk of damage. 


It is really important to keep all fastening elements that you have removed during the furniture disassembly. These can be bolts, nuts, dowels, and screws. Place all these in plastic bags for furniture moving in Dubai. 


Place cardboard on the corner of the furniture pieces. Also, use shrink wrap to fix the cardboard on the furniture. Remember that the corners are more at risk of damage. So, their protection is much essential. 


For the protection of fragile items, use bubble wrap. These items may be ornaments or easily breakable things. However, bubble wrap gives more protection when you have to pack antique items. 


Security of any parts that may be open during the transport is necessary. These may be doors, panels, drawers, and others. For this, you can use stretch wrap to close all parts safely. 


How do you pack furniture for moving? Covering all exposed surfaces of the furniture is important. For this, you can use furniture blankets for protection. Then use tape to avoid unwrapping furniture during the move. 

Final Verdict:

Never think moving and packing are stressful. It can be stress-free if you hire furniture movers and packers. This way, you get assurance that your items will reach their destination without damage. A reliable company not only provides moving and packing. It always provides you with storage services as well. 

Getting assurance that your furniture will not be damaged in the transport is a challenging task. The chances of damage increase with the move. So, it is essential to hire THEMOVEIT to decrease these chances.