How to Protect Your Villa Furniture During a Move?

How to Protect Your Villa Furniture During a Move?

During furniture moving, there are many chances of dents, scratches and breakage. It is all about because of the heavy weight of the furniture. In comparison, some furniture pieces are delicate that may easily break.

Once your furniture gets damaged, it is not easy to replace. You have to put some extra money into your moving budget. Maybe you have enough money to replace it. But still, you may have some antique furniture pieces which are irreplaceable.

To avoid dents and breakage, it is always necessary to care during the move. It will protect you from emotional pain and save you money. Don’t try to handle furniture yourself. A reliable moving company is your first bet while moving your villa. Here THEMOVEIT may help you because the company have all tools and expertise. They handle, pack, assemble, transport, unpack and disassemble all your items carefully. In case of any mishap, the company also offer you insurance.


Step #1: Disassemble the Furniture

Furniture disassembly is the first step in protecting your furniture during the move. It allows you to pack the furniture with less chance of damage. Suppose you did not pre-assemble the furniture. It means you may easily disassemble furniture. After dismantling the furniture, it becomes quite easy for you to transport it. You may take help from villa movers in Dubai for furniture dismantling.

During the disassembly of furniture, make sure to be careful about different parts. These may be glass, fragile and delicate components. Always keep fastening elements, bolts, screws and nuts with you. Otherwise, the re-assembly of furniture will become challenging in the new home.

Step #2: Wrap furniture carefully before you move them

Once you disassemble the furniture, it is time to wrap it carefully. Proper wrapping of furniture doesn’t allow it to move during its transport. For the proper wrapping of furniture, you need to have the right wrapping material. You should also know the way to wrap it properly. For help in wrapping the furniture, you may consult THEMOVEIT. The experts of the company come up with the right materials.

These include:

  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Furniture blankets
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Packing tape

Bubble or plastic wraps give protection to furniture from scratches. Blankets provide protection from shocks. Papers are used to place before a new thing. Cardboard sheets are used to place around the glasses. Tape is used to hold all the things in place.

Step #3: Be careful when moving furniture

Commonly your furniture gets damaged during the move. Never try to handle heavy furniture with a single hand or alone. Otherwise, it will not only be damaged, but it will also cause injury to you. Always take help from villa movers in Dubai to handle heavy furniture. These may be pianos, pool tables, heavy chairs and more.

Movers have all types of equipment to carry all the heavy furniture. They have a dolly, skid boards, moving straps, hand trucks and gliders. Dolly is used to move heavy furniture of more than 800 pounds.

Step #4: Measure furniture and keep doorways clear

Always move furniture with completely open doors. It will allow you to move the furniture from the doorways without causing damage.

By moving furniture from small doorways, it may damage the emerging parts. During the move, any protruding part may hook up with the handle. It results in the breakage of furniture.

The best way to pass the furniture from the right door is to take measurements. After knowing the dimensions, you may know where to pass the furniture. The experts of THEMOVEIT take all the dimensions and pass furniture carefully.

Step #5: Explore available insurance options

Accidents may happen at any time. It means you should be aware that any mishap may happen with your belongings. Find out the right villa movers in Dubai and ask them for insurance. It will allow you to claim the cost in case of any mishap.


Apart from all the above-mentioned steps to protect your furniture. You should also consider an additional insurance policy. It will help if you have expensive, inherited and antique furniture.

Before buying the policy, make sure to check whether it is valuable to your items. Always choose the policy that will give the cost for damaged items. THEMOVEIT offer all types of insurance policies for customer satisfaction. Don’t wait and hire this company to move and protect your furniture!