What to Do Before the Moving Company Arrives at Your Destination?

What to Do Before the Moving Company Arrives at Your Destination?

When it is time to move to a new home, you have to do many chores. You have to pack and ship your items. You also need to sell your old home and prepare for a new home to move in. The story doesn’t end here.

You also need to do many other chores because each task is more important than the other. Maybe you failed in the relocation process. Maybe you need the help of a professional to do so. No matter what the case is. THEMOVEIT is the reliable and famous company that comes at this point.

The following are other chores that you need to complete before the move:

  • Find the new home
  • Plan your budget
  • Planning of relocation
  • Hire a moving company
  • Complete paperwork
  • Pack your items and more

Though all these are crucial moving tasks, so You have to care for such tasks. This way, you can save time and comfort. You can also prevent yourself from trouble and stress on a moving day. What to do before the moving company arrives? Now it is the main question. We will discuss these things in detail. So, let’s explore our article and learn more about the moving process.

Manage out Your Belongings and Decide Their Fate

What to do before the moving company arrives? When you decide on a date to move your home to another place. Then you have to do many chores almost two months before the moving day. You have to filter out which items you want with you. Moreover, you need to organize and pack all the items. This way, you have enough time to sell unwanted items.

Some people don’t follow these instructions. So, they face much confusion and frustration on the day of the move. Not only this, but you may also face delays and extra relocation costs. So, a relocation company in Dubai will help you to know what to do before the moving day:

  • Throw out all the unnecessary and worn-out items
  • Make a stack of the items that you don’t like
  • Gather all the items you want to sell to make more money
  • Make a list of items that you don’t need to move and decide what to do with them. These include food, cleaning supplies, and others.
  • Give some items to your neighbors. These include paint, fertilizers, pesticides, oils, explosive materials, and tanks.

The organization of items is based on many factors. These include type, purpose, destination room, and others. This way, you can unpack your items quickly and easily at the new home. Take help from a reliable company like THEMOVEIT.

Not only home items are necessary to move to the next place. You also need to keep some items with you. These include medicines, documents, Clothes, shoes, personal care, jewelry, and others.

Make a Detailed Inventory of the Items You’re Going to Entrust to the Movers

Every item counts:

When you manage to move to a new home with the help of a moving company in Dubai, it is time when you need to create a detailed inventory of what items you want with you.

Make sure to write all the important data about the items you want to move. This may include type, number, material, brand, serial number, and an estimated value of items. Then load these items onto the truck to go to the final destination.

Moreover, you also need to write down the actual or current condition of the items. Note down the damage if it occurred before the move. Take help from a reliable company like THEMOVEIT.

A detailed inventory is not only helpful in getting an accurate estimate. But it also helps to track, label, and unpacking of items.

Good to know:

A detailed moving inventory helps know the value of items. It also helps to select a proper valuation protection plan. Ask the moving company about each liability protection plan. Then get a complete understanding of differences and specific conditions. Besides, make sure to get the liability coverage suitable for your case.

Take Close-up Photographs of the Things You Have for Moving:

What to do before the moving company arrives? Taking pictures of all your moving items is also necessary to keep up a record of the item’s conditions. It is necessary to do before the move.

Make sure to take a picture from different angles of all transported items. It helps you to claim insurance if your items get damaged during the moving process.

Moreover, you should also take pictures of all electronic devices and appliances. Make sure to take pictures of wires, cords, and hoses. Not only this, but you should also disconnect the wires to properly pack the items in the boxes. This way, you can easily reconnect your appliances at the new destination.

Clean and Organize Your Items:

What to do before the moving company arrives? On the day of the move, protect yourself from stress and frustration. So, you need to keep clean and organize your items. Obviously, you don’t want to unpack dusty furniture, appliances, and fabrics at your new destination.

Moreover, you don’t want to unpack damaged items because of the remaining moisture. So, you must keep items clean, dry, and safe from all risks of damage.

Final Verdict:

When you hire a moving company in uae to just pick up and transport your items to the next place, then you have to cover all other tasks. For this, you need to pack and get your items ready. Moreover, you have to ensure that your items are safely packed.

Besides, you should label boxes according to items, destination rooms, and handling instructions. Not only this, label the fragile items. This way, THEMOVEIT get an idea of which item they need to handle carefully. Connect with the expert movers and let them move your stuff easily!