List of Services Provided in Residential Painting Dubai

List of Services Provided in Residential Painting Dubai

The professional painting company has skills and experience in completing the job. The experts are well aware of painting techniques. Also, they have the right equipment and tools to create a smooth finish.

Some people prefer painting their homes on their own. But it takes time and effort. However, hiring painting services can save you time and effort as well as money. So, if you are ready to get painting services, then choose THEMOVEIT because this company offers many services.

Services You Will Avail in Professional Residential Painting Dubai

House Painting

In residential house painting, there are many comprehensive services. These start with surface preparation to ensure a smooth finish. At first, the expert checks the wall condition and address any issue. After that, they apply the high-quality primer to create the foundation.

Whether you have to refresh your exterior or interior, make sure to choose the best painting services.

Apartment Painting

This painting service overcomes the needs of multifamily living areas. The experts can check all limited spaces, shared walls and different layouts. After that, they use the right color selection. It optimizes the apartment size and improves lighting.

Also, apartment painting involves the use of low VOC and eco-friendly paints. So, expert painters can improve air quality and minimize disruption.

Villa Painting

The expert painters connect with homeowners and help them choose the right color. They ensure that they choose a color scheme that better complements the villa. Also, they prepare surfaces and check for any issues.

Commonly, the exterior of the villa requires a protective coating. It is necessary to keep the exterior to withstand extreme conditions. However, the interior wall needs proper attention to detail. So it can create the elegance and look of the villa.

Condo Painting

This service overcomes the challenges of the shared spaces in condominiums. The expert painters check the areas and choose the right painting solution. Their aim is to create the best color scheme that matches a person’s needs. Also, this service pays attention to each detail. It creates a smooth finish to bring an appealing look to the shared place.

Room Painting

This service mainly focuses on refreshing the personal space in the home. Whether you want services in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room, you can contact THEMOVEIT for the best room painting services.

In this process, the expert prepares the surface with patching, sanding and priming. Also, they consult homeowners to choose the right color. This way, you can express your style by painting your room.

Other Major Services Provided by Experts THEMOVEIT

If you want to get extra services from THEMOVEIT. Then you can choose from the below based on needs and budget:

Interior Painting

This service includes painting of walls and ceilings and trimming of the home. Here, professionals help you select the type and color of the pain. After that, they prepare the surface and apply the paint.

Exterior Painting

This service includes painting the outer wall and doors and trimming the home. Also, here, professionals help to select the type and color of paint. However, they ask you to choose the paint that withstands harsh conditions. After that, they prepare the surface and apply the paint.

Cabinet Painting

This service includes the painting of cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. No doubt, painting is the less costly option to make your cabinet look refreshing. Also, here, painters allow you to find the right type and color of paint.

Deck and Fence Painting

This service includes the painting of the deck and fence. It is necessary to keep them protected from harsh conditions. Here, professionals allow you to find the right type and color of paint. This way, you can improve the beauty of natural wood and protect it from damage.

Color Consultation

In this service, the homeowners consult with painters. So they allow you to choose the right color and type of paint. This step is necessary and allows you to choose the color based on the home interior. This way, you can transform the look of your home and make it look more attractive. 


Painting the home can make it look refreshing and nice. For this, you need to hire the painting services. Choosing the right service means protecting your home and saving time and effort.

Though many painting services are available at THEMOVEIT, you have to choose the right one based on your needs. This way, you can create a smooth and long-lasting finish. Get in touch with their best painters now to book your slot for residential painting!