How to Choose a Painting Contractor in Dubai?

How to Choose a Painting Contractor in Dubai?

Knowing the process of hiring professional painter services is necessary. This is not only a process, but it is the commitment to your home to transform it. When you decide to renovate your home, a painting company is needed. What should you ask the painting company before hiring it? Let’s talk about this question, which will cover many other questions.

Questions to Ask While Hiring Painting Contractors in Dubai

As we humans need attention. Similarly, a home needs attention in the case of painting and renovation. Maybe you are a little bit confused about why to consider painting services. This step is crucial to give your home a new and refreshing look. However, which company will suit better for your project? You can decide by considering these questions before hiring painting contractors in Dubai.

1. Are you a registered painting company?

A reputable company such as THEMOVEIT is always registered by the authorities. So before hiring the painting company, ask about registration from a representative. Also, be sure to check your license, membership, insurance and other things. If possible, ask the company about the Dubai municipality approval letter. Along with this, the company’s membership with brands is a sign of reliability.

2. Do you charge to give an estimate?

Asking some questions and getting answers are both helpful for the customer and the company. So ask the company if it charges the money for an estimate. Also, ask the company about the cost you need to pay after project completion. Some reliable companies offer free estimates and help you choose the right one.

The following are some questions you can ask:

·         In how much time will the painting project be completed?

·         What is the painting cost?

·         Explain if you have extra expenses.

To get a better experience, you can ask the professional estimator. He will provide a detailed estimate and suggest places that need more work. Connect with leading companies like THEMOVEIT, who have the best painters in UAE and can provide on-time assistance for any concerns.

3. Who Will Be Responsible for This Job at My Home?

For proper and on-time completion of painting job, there is need of 2-3 people. The duration of the project may vary based on the size of the home. In that case, you may hire an on-site supervisor for a proper job. However, THEMOVEIT has subcontractors to ensure the quality of work.

4. Which Paint Brand Do You Use?

Suppose you are unsure about the paint brand. It is better to ask the company which paint it uses. Always consider the company that prefers quality pain. This way, you can save your maintenance and repair costs.Also, ask the company about the finish pain type. This is because finishing paint types may vary from one area to another. A reliable company will give you all information regarding this.

5. What Painting Prep Do You Do?

Commonly, painting prep means washing and trimming walls. However, repairing wood is not included in this prep work. So ask the company about the responsibility of moving the furniture during painting. A reliable company such as THEMOVEIT provide contacts for moving company. However, when you choose exterior home painters, they cover gutters and other things.

6. Can You Provide References?

Always ask the painting service about references. So you can contact them and ask about the painting company. Also, you can visit them physically to learn more about the company.Also, ask the company for a portfolio or work done. Check the website of the company to get more ideas.

7. Do You Offer Any Guarantee for Painting Work?

Make sure to ask about the guarantee of the painting work. The reliable company offers warranties. Also, ensure that the company added a guarantee in the contract. Hiring a company that offers guaranteed work is everything that a responsible homeowner needs. So, if you are looking to hire a reliable painter in Dubai, then choose THEMOVEIT Company. They have expert painters who have provided trustworthy and ever-lasting services for years.


Home renovation and painting projects can be successful if you choose the right service. Whether you have to paint the entire home or a minor portion, make sure to ask the above-mentioned questions to the painting service. Moreover, you may read online reviews and check your portfolio. For quality work and better results, hire THEMOVEIT because this company stands out from the competitive crowd. Make your home and workplace walls more attractive with new painting designs now!