Things to Consider While Moving Furniture Without Scratching Floor

Things to Consider While Moving Furniture Without Scratching Floor

Furniture moving is necessary in many cases. These may be when you have to install carpet or move furniture to another room. But this move may be challenging when you have to protect the floor from scratching.

Here it is always necessary for you to take some preventive measures. So you may keep the integrity and look of floors. For more help, you may contact the professionals of THEMOVEIT.

This blog is specially designed for you. Here you will learn tips to avoid floor scratching during furniture moving. You must keep reading this blog to learn some helpful tips. Hopefully, you will keep the beauty of your floors for many years.

Factors to Evaluate While Moving Furniture Without Scratching Floor

Let’s discuss all the key factors to know about moving furniture without scratching the floor:

I. Assess Your Furniture and Flooring:

Furniture weight and size:

Check the weight and size of each furniture piece. It will help you to know which piece requires more effort to lift. Plus, it will help you to know which piece will cause more damage to the floor.


Though many types of floors are present, these include hardwood, vinyl, tile and laminate. So each type has a different level of susceptibility to scratches. It is why you must know the floor type. It will help you to find the right preventive measure according to type.

Furniture condition:

Check the furniture before moving furniture without scratching the floor. So you will know whether the furniture has emerging nails and a rough surface. Suppose there is any issue with the furniture. Make sure to address this issue as soon as possible before moving.

II.Prepare the Furniture and the Environment:

Right furniture moving preparation minimizes the risk of floor scratches. At this stage, you should consider the given below steps:

Clear the pathway:

Always keep the moving path clear and free of all obstacles. So remove all rugs, carpets, small items and other things.

Empty the furniture:

Filled furniture is difficult to move because of its heavy weight. So empty each furniture piece before moving. Make sure to remove items from cabinets, drawers and shelves. So it will help you to move furniture without noise.

Protect the furniture:

Make sure to use wrapping blankets and bubble wraps around the furniture legs. These will create a barrier between the floor and the furniture.

III. Utilize Protective Tools and Techniques

Not only checking the floor and furniture condition is necessary. Not only plan moving furniture without scratching the floor is necessary. You should also keep the right tools and techniques before moving. All these are necessary steps to ensure a safe move without scratches. Let’s consider the below-mentioned tips:

Furniture sliders:

Make sure to use the sliders and tie them under the furniture legs, as sliders help to minimize friction. It means the moving furniture process will be smooth and noise free. But always use the right sliders according to floor type. Otherwise, it will cause noise and scratches to the floors.

Lift instead of dragging:

Some people drag furniture because of heavyweight. So we have already suggested you empty the furniture. It will help you to lift the furniture with only four hands easily. Plus, it will minimize the risk of scratches because the furniture will not touch the floor. Moreover, it will help you to move furniture without noise.

Use furniture dollies:

Some furniture pieces are heavy to move even if they are empty. For these types of pieces, you should use dollies with rubber wheels. Place the furniture on a dolly and pull it instead of dragging it. For more help, you may ask the professionals of THEMOVEIT. The professionals will help you to place furniture on a dolly. Plus, they will half your burden by handling themselves.

Lay down protective sheets:

Another better way to prevent the floor from scratches is to lay down protective sheets. Make sure to lay these sheets on all pathways where you have to move furniture. These sheets may be of cardboard or Masonite.

Take breaks and plan ahead:

Moving furniture without scratching the floor is very tiring. It means you need breaks between each move. At that time, try to plan ahead about furniture moving. It will minimize the risk of accidents because of no planning and fatigue. Plus, it will help you to move furniture efficiently with new energy.

IV.Final Tips and Maintenance

Now is the last step in the furniture moving process. Make sure to consider the final tips for maintaining your furniture and floor. Let’s take a look at all these tips in detail:

Regular floor maintenance:

Always check floors to know if these are clean and dirt free. The reason is dust particles are the major abrasives. As a result, these cause floor scratches when you move furniture.

Furniture pads and caps:

Make sure to use furniture pads and caps under the furniture legs. These act as protective barriers and provide a cushioning layer. So there are fewer chances of furniture touching with floors.

Spot checks:

During furniture moving, make sure to check floors for any scratches. If you notice, try to address it as soon as possible. This way, you will protect the floor from further damage.

Seek professional help:

Some furniture pieces are heavy and large. So you can’t move them without damaging the floors. Here THEMOVEIT willhelp you because the company have many professionals. They have the skills to safely move your furniture.


We have explained all the necessary tips to move furniture without noise. Now is the right time to plan, prepare and implement helpful tools and techniques. All these are necessary to ensure a safe move for furniture and floor.

Keep in mind that dragging furniture may damage the floor. So lift the furniture and take help from the professionals of THEMOVEIT. They have skills and experience in scratch-free moving processes. So they keep the integrity and fresh look of your floor!