Why is the Cleaning Process Often Followed by Disinfection in Living Area?

Why is the Cleaning Process Often Followed by Disinfection in Living Area?

A clean environment is always a safe environment. However, cleanliness is much important in all sectors. But it has major importance in sectors where health is necessary. These include healthcare centers, schools, and food points.

Why is the cleaning process often followed by Disinfection? Many people confuse cleaning with Disinfection. But actually, both these are different methods. The purpose of both these practices is different.

This blog will highlight both practices which THEMOVEIT follows. Plus, we will also discuss the roles and benefits of both practices. So it will help you to know how both practices can create a healthy space.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfection

Now is the time to explain both these terms in detail. Then we will go to the next section to understand the importance.

Cleaning means the removal of dust, dirt, grime, and other particles. For this, you may use soap and water. You may also physically remove these particles from the surfaces. But this process doesn’t involve the removal of germs.

Disinfection comes after cleaning. It is a process to kill all germs on the surface. Disinfectants may be in many forms. These include chemicals, UV rays, heat, and others.

Why is the Cleaning Process Often Followed by Disinfection

So, why is the cleaning process often followed by Disinfection? The answer is that cleaning is the base and followed by Disinfection. As cleaning, remove dust, dirt, and grime. So it improves the look of the surface. Plus, it removes all the nutrients from the surfaces. As a result, there is no microbial growth. Let’s discuss some benefits of cleaning:

Surface preparation:

The major benefit is cleaning prepares the surface for Disinfection services. As cleaning, remove all dust and dirt. So disinfectant can easily contact the surface. As a result, the efficiency of disinfectant is improved.

When you don’t clean the surface, it means debris act as the protective layer against pathogens. So no disinfectant kills these pathogens. It is the right time to take help from THEMOVEIT to clean the area completely.

Physical removal:

Cleaning help in the removal of pathogens, dust, dirt, and grime. So there are fewer chances of the spread of pathogens and dust particles.

Psychological impact:

A clean environment is a safe environment. So it shows better physiological effects on all individuals. Moreover, a clean environment improves confidence and satisfaction.

The Significance of Disinfection

Cleaning only removes physical dust and dirt particles. But Disinfection removes unseen microbes and pathogens. This way, Disinfection minimizes the risk of diseases. As a result, this process protects the health of workers and patients. Let’s discuss some benefits of Disinfection:

Pathogen extinction:

The right disinfectant is used to kill all germs. These include bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and fungi. So there are fewer chances of the spread of diseases. As a result, you may get a safe and healthy environment.

Controlling epidemics:

Disinfection is necessary to control the spread of many diseases. The reason is that disinfectants disturb the germ’s transmission cycle. As a result, the infection chain breaks. It means there are no chances of the spread of disease. To completely break the chain, you should take help from THEMOVEIT.

Protection for susceptible populations:

Disinfection is the main practice to follow in hospitals and healthcare centers. The reason is that in these areas, individuals have a weak immune system. So they are at more risk of germ and disease spread. While disinfection act as a protective shield for all individuals.

The Collaboration of Cleaning and Disinfection

Why is the cleaning process often followed by Disinfection? We have discussed it in detail. Now is the time to discuss the collaborations of both practices.

Cleaning and Disinfection are very important practices when implemented together. So it is time to discuss the benefits of collaboration of both practices:

Enhanced efficacy:

Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and grime. So it makes the disinfection practice more effective.

While an un-cleaned area creates hurdles for disinfectants to kill germs, it is much more important to must practice both processes.

Comprehensive treatment:

Most of the time, cleaning is limited to certain areas. It is why many hard-to-reach areas remain unnoticed. Here Disinfection plays a major role because it reaches all the areas.

Multidimensional approach:

Both cleaning and Disinfection are major role players in infection control. As cleaning, remove visible dust and dirt. So Disinfection provides a shield against pathogens.

Confidence and peace of mind:

Both these practices are important to keep your environment healthy. So it gives you peace of mind and confidence.


As we know, cleaning is just the removal of dust and dirt. At the same time, Disinfection is the removal and killing of germs. So both these are necessary practices to control infection effectively.

If your concern is why is the cleaning process often followed by Disinfection? The answer is that cleaning is the first step. Through cleaning, you may remove all dust, dirt, and grime. This way, you ready the surface for a disinfectant to be applied. It means both practices work hand in hand. As a result, there is less chance of germs and disease spread.

In the end, it is true to say that cleaning and Disinfection are important. Both these practices keep the environment safe and healthy. Plus, these remove germs and dust when you take help from the experts of THEMOVEIT!