Does Disinfectant Spray Really Work? Explore its Benefits

Does Disinfectant Spray Really Work? Explore its Benefits

Nowadays, a virus is spreading fastly in the world. It is called Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus is the major cause of many respiratory issues.

It is present in the air and comes from invisible droplets after coughing and sneezing when another person inhales these droplets or touches the surface where they are present.

Then it infects the nose, throat and eyes of the person. THEMOVEIT can help you completely disinfect the place.Consult with the best disinfectant expert to clean your living spaces and live in a healthy environment!

Disinfecting: Are You Really Killing Germs?

Does disinfectant spray really work? Do you want to know what the contact time is? It is a time when you apply disinfectant and leave it to kill all the germs. So, it is essential to have the right way to kill germs. Some people don’t kill the germs. At the same time, they apply the solution in a way to spread germs.

This way, many bacteria grow, such as E.Coli, Salmonella, Norovirus and more. So, make sure to disinfect your home in the right way.

Kill time / Dwell time / Contact time is key:

Make sure to apply the solution on the surface and let it leave on the surface for some time. This is called contact time.

During this time, the solution remains wet and kills all the germs. You may also call it to kill time and Dwell time. This period may vary based on the products used. THEMOVEIT can help you completely disinfect the place.

Remember, disinfectants only work while wet:

Does disinfectant spray really work? Once you apply to disinfect, make sure to leave it until contact time is reached if it dries out before the time. Then you should again apply the solution. All these are the instructions of the EPA.

Some products contain alcohol which is why the solution dries out quickly. So, it becomes difficult to keep the surface wet until the contact time. That is why you should make sure to use products free of alcohol.

Another option is the use of disinfectant wipes. But you need to leave the cleaned surface wet for almost 10 minutes. This way, you can completely kill the germs. THEMOVEIT can help you completely disinfect the place.

Don’t take chances with your family’s health:

Does disinfectant spray really work? Another famous and best alternative to wipes is a disinfectant spray. Using this, you can apply the liquid on the surface and leave it until the contact time is reached. The plus point is that when you apply it, you don’t need to reapply it.

Choosing to use an electrostatic sprayer, fogger, mister, or vaporizer:

It is good to take some professional help and avail of disinfection services. Otherwise, you need to use an electrostatic sprayer. You may also use a fogger, mister and vaporizer. Make sure to use these technologies if you are confirmed about coronavirus.

However, it is difficult to reach some surfaces. So, it becomes challenging to disinfect by hand. At that point, these technologies can help you. THEMOVEIT can help you completely disinfect the place.

Using these technologies, you can spray chemicals and let them leave in the air. However, these remain in the air for a long time. So, these may cause irritation to the skin, eyes and airways. As a result, you may suffer from serious diseases.

How Does disinfectant spray really work?

Commonly, it is not allowed to use these devices to disinfect your home. While if you want to use it, then you must be careful and follow instructions. The precautionary measures provided in disinfection services of the technology may vary based on the way to use it. In case you want to use sprayers or foggers. Then:

  • You need to get help from professional
  • Use the right disinfectant to add to this device
  • Apply according to the guidelines of the manufacturer
  • Apply the spray by wearing the necessary things such as gloves, goggles, etc
  • Make sure to apply when rooms are not occupied

Understand the risks

You must know that each device has different directions to use. So, make sure to follow the instructions given on the label. The followings are some risks that you may face and tips that can help you to minimize the risk:

  • Though disinfectant services may cause Asthma issues, so, make sure to follow guidelines to protect Asthma patients from attacks.
  • Make sure to remove chemicals because they may be risky to your health. For this, you may follow the instructions given on the product label once the contact time is reached.
  • To use an electrostatic sprayer, make sure to wear proper PPE no matter where you are. Once you apply, leave the place for a time period labelled on the product. If possible, then open up all doors and windows.

Final Verdict:

Does disinfectant spray really work? Though there are many disinfectants with DIN that have been selected to sell in many areas. Most of these drugs are effective against coronavirus. At the same time, in the market, there are also many approved drugs that are effective against SARS-CoV-2.

It is a coronavirus that causes COVID-19. So, you should make sure to use the right type of disinfectant to treat this virus. Make sure to use the right product available, especially for home or office cleaning.

THEMOVEIT can help you completely disinfect the place. Consult with the team of cleaners to know more about it!

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