How to Keep Your Belongings Safe With Our Secure Space Self Storage?

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe With Our Secure Space Self Storage?

Every business owner may need storage facilities when it comes to storing their business product for the short and long term. Making sure that the storage room is protective and secure is essential.

So, if you are one of those looking for self storage facilities, then it is important to find an expert movers company. In The heart of Dubai, THEMOVEIT provides you with the facility of their Self storage services.

No matter what size of belongings you may need to store. We are here to help you out securing your items expertly.

If you are in need to store your business stuff safely and securely, then you have to hire experts like THEMOVEIT. Moreover, expert movers can protect your belongings and make sure that everything remains safe. Further, we will discuss how the secure space Self storage experts at THEMOVEIT help you to make your belongings secure for a long time!

How Are Secure Space Self Storage Services Useful?

Have you found a secure storage facility near your home in Dubai? If you are still looking for the best solution, then we are here to provide you with the best storage facilities with other benefits.

It should be clean and structured. Moreover, our staff is professional and cooperative. Keeping all this in mind, you have done your packing. Now you are about to load the truck.

Wait a minute!

Who and what would guarantee the safety of your valuables?  Have you researched the storage facility properly? Sometimes we don’t realize that. But, usually, we overlook crucial information. Explore our guide to know how we can facilitate you in the best way!

1.     Get Your Affordable and Private Storage

Secure Space Self Storage by THEMOVEIT is provided at affordable rates. However, you are welcome to use your own space as well.

You can pick your own lock that is hard to pick and resistant to bolt cutters. We provide you with long-term secure space, which is a good long-term investment, whether for personal, business, or even medical storage.

2.     We Keep a Current Inventory List of Items with 24 Hour Customer Support:

Sometimes, customers become carefree enough to make an inventory list. They don’t exactly note down what is inside their storage room.

However, it may seem like a hustle. But it will be valuable to the storage insurance company and your business. Moreover, it is especially important when you feel something from the inventory is missing.

We provide you with 24-hour customer support to deal with your queries. We also provide you with climate control spaces with 24/7 Monitored & Premium Security.

3.     Pick a Highly Protected Storage Facility with CCTV Access:

THEMOVEIT prioritizes the protection of your belongings! Below, we have briefly elaborated on the security measures we have taken to protect your items.

  • We have high-quality security and monitoring mechanisms as the first line of safety terms. We will have camera footage to provide your facility with the identification of any intruders.
  • To ensure that only our tenants can enter, we have a contained perimeter and an electronically monitored access lock.
  • We provide you with a monitoring facility with our on-site expert management team. With a manager on-site constantly, burglars will be discouraged, lowering the possibility of a break-in. Additionally, it implies that our management can promptly call the police in an emergency.
  • We have a fantastic motion-activated security lighting system and CCTV record in place.

4.     Choose Large or Small Self Storage Spaces:

Your biggest concern is security and protection if you are a commercial business. You may even wonder how we can manage small or large spaces for your belongings. THEMOVEIT has come up with a one-stop-shop solution for those business users.

Moreover, you can consider the cold storage facility as well, provided by THEMOVEIT. Our storage room and warehouse locations are secure buildings. You can store your healthcare items like medicines as well as departmental store expenditures.

5.     We Give You 24/7 And Secure Access to Storage Spaces:

You can keep a check on who’s entering and leaving the storage room. Moreover, Each customer’s storage room at THEMOVEIT must be insured for its contents. No matter how many safeguards are taken, things nevertheless occasionally do happen. We don’t want to keep your belongings at risk.

We provide an insurance facility for your belongings as well. Our Storage insurance coverage is required if your current house insurance does not cover your items in storage. We advise getting insurance even if your storage facility doesn’t require it. You can get access to your secure space self storage any time around the clock. This is because it’s affordable and will provide you with peace of mind.

Final Verdict:

Would you like to take a tour of our secure space self storage?

Get in touch with our storage team and go analyze the space before booking. Moreover, you can pre-book your space as well.

Our THEMOVEIT team would be delighted to give you a tour and explain why we are the top provider of self-storage in Dubai. Get a free quote from our secure & trusted workers.


How much can the self storage unit cost in Dubai?

The overall self-storage unit cost depends on the size and time which is required to store your belongings. However, THEMOVEIT provides affordable rates with residential and corporate cold and self-storage solutions.

What is included in the Secure space self storage room?

The storage facility is provided to every customer with 24/7 CCTV support and removal depositories. Moreover, every space is secure with climate control features. Also, the company should provide secure access to the user.

How should I choose the self-storage space?

You need to focus on several things before booking any self-storage space. You need to determine the purpose of storage space and measure that everything fits great. Check that the storage space is properly ventilated and protected.