How to Pack Things While Shifting House like a Pro?

How to Pack Things While Shifting House like a Pro?

Moving is just like driving a long distance through unwanted routes!

But unfortunately, you have to face the moving process at least once in your life.

No doubt, it can be an unpleasant process for you. Never think of moving as fun because it is something else.

Besides moving, the other main task is the packing of items. But you can’t pack properly as you need to pack. So, you must know how to pack things while shifting house? It will help you to pack items in the proper way.

Packing Tips for Moving

When you have to move to a new home, you are excited because you are curious to explore the new place. So, it seems like fun, but in reality, it is not fun. Before moving, you have to pack items in the right materials.

How tiring is the packaging?

Well! It is the right time to pick up the right house shifting company. But if you don’t want to hire the company for packing of items. Then you must consider the following tips to pack your belongings:

1. Use the right size boxes

The first thing is to take the right size packing materials, such as small or large boxes. To pack small items like books, you must have a small box.

While packing heavy items such as furniture and pillows, you must have a large box. If you can’t decide which box is the right choice, you can take help from THEMOVEIT.

Every company has a list of preferred packaging boxes that we will discuss below!

Packaging Boxes TypesBest Used for  
Small Moving BoxesUseful for smart objects like books, flatware, shoes, kitchen utensils etc
Medium Moving BoxesClothes and lampshades
Large Moving BoxesBedding, pillows and light bulky items
Mirror Moving BoxesCustomized for arts, mirrors and sensitive items
Wardrobe boxesWearables and hangers
Dish Inserts and Boxesfragile items and dishes

2. Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top

If you have to load items on the truck. Moreover, you should place the heavy boxes at the bottom to keep balance. While placing the small boxes on the top of the trucks.

Further, you must keep important items such as documents and paperwork with you. Don’t place these things in any box or on the truck. Moreover, It assures you that your important documents are safe.

3. Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents

You must label each box that is very helpful for THEMOVEIT to place in the right place. You can number boxes and make a list of which items are present in each box. Moreover, It is the best way to organize items properly without wasting time.

4. Tape your moving boxes well

After putting all items in the boxes, the next step is the sealing of items. You must use tape at the top and bottom of the box. You can use the pro tip to warp the box all around.

5. If you’re moving expensive art, ask your mover about special crating

You must get an understanding of packing your artwork. For this, you can ask the company how to pack things while shifting the house. Moreover, the experts will surely help you to pack artwork and other items. Avoid using paper to pack oil paintings. You can pack pictures in paper and bubble wrap and then put them in the box.

6. Take special care packing the kitchen for moving

When you have to pack your kitchen items, you need to pack many things. When packing the dishes, you should wrap the paper around them 5-6 times. Never pack dishes flat; always pack in the sides.

Besides it, use many papers to place between dishes. To pack the cups, you can use paper in between the cups and place a cup in another cup. Moreover, pack dishes and cups in the boxes and allow THEMOVEIT to transport these boxes.

7. Get your wardrobe in order

You have many options to pack clothes without taking help from the house shifting company.

To pack dresses, you can hang them in the dresser if it is easy to move. You can also fold clothes and put them in a suitcase or boxes. After moving to the right place, you can hang clothes on the hanger properly.

Final Verdict:

Now, you have learned how to pack things while shifting house? It is easy for you to pack items properly. You need to follow some tips to become a pro packer. Using these tips, you can pack your precious items without any damage.

The biggest stress is finding the time to pack items. In that case, you can hire THEMOVEIT to save time and avoid stress. It will be a great decision to hire the moving company to help pack belongings.